Click 113

2 EDITOR’S NOTE It is with a heavy heart that I pen this letter. This is to be the final issue of our famous Click Magazine. Due to a variety of reasons – mostly the new data privacy laws as well as Canon brand protection, we are unfortunately going to have to discontinue this magazine. It was always intended as a more independent mouthpiece for Canon SA and a showcase for local photographic talent but can no longer be run as a separate entity. To all of the contributors over the last 10 or so years – my heartfelt thanks for your images and stories. To all of the students and beginners we showcased – I wish you the best in your chosen career. Photography and videography is very rewarding when you can do it as more than just a hobby. To all of the readers – my thanks for all of the comments, downloads and input since we began over 100 issues ago. This has been a labour of love for me, personally, and I am sad to see it depart. We may be able to re-create this in a similar way some time in the future – but no longer with the same database. As your names and details are on this database, you will be receiving some communication from us in the near future – asking whether you will allow your details to be put into Canon SA’s central database. This is primarily due to the new POPI Act which controls ALL personal data shared with companies like ourselves. Canon has always prided itself on legal compliancy and this is just a normal step in the new process. If you do agree to join the central database, you can be assured of maximum data safety. Your details will never be shared with other companies and you will not receive countless mails from us. You will receive regular information from us with regard to new products, events and happenings within the Canon SA world. I hope you understand this situation and join us on our future marketing plans. For the final time…. Keep “Click”ing away! ROGER MACHIN Product Manager PVDVC Products Canon SA DEAR ALL,