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2 EDITOR’S NOTE This issue comes to you just as the country starts opening up for internal travel and the weather warms up. I’ve already had my first swim (thank goodness for solar heating!), and it won’t be long now before the long sunny days are here again and those awesome late afternoon thunder showers come back. I’m hoping that we will still be doing a lot of working from home at the time, as those certainly play havoc with afternoon traffic up here in Gauteng. This issue is all about action motorsports and high-speed motion images. We’ll probably find that these will be the first sports to open up again as there is a relatively large distance that crowds can separate themselves around at tracks, etc. It lends itself well to our two new high-speed mirrorless cameras – the R5 and R6. We’ve been focusing and talking a lot about how incredible the auto-focus system is for animals and birds, in particular, and how that will mean a lot to local wildlife and bird shooters, but we may have slightly ignored the fact that 20 frames a second makes for incredible sports images as well. Sport is one of the biggest photography genres in SA after wildlife, so it seemed like a good idea to put some of that into this issue while we are talking about high-speed products. We are really proud of our recently announced EISA awards as well this year. Canon has been awarded with multiple winners on a yearly basis since these awards started in the 80’s. This year saw Canon taking 6 awards – the most exciting of which is the Innovation award for the EOS R5 – just over a month after its announcement! This is a huge accolade and only awarded to cameras that show a considerable leap in technological innovation that makes them step ahead of the competition by a noticeable margin. For those of you who are lucky enough to be in the first batches of recipients of R5 and R6 cameras, please ensure that you do the firmware upgrades to v1.1.1 as soon as you can, or pop to your nearest Cameratek branch to have it done for you. There is a definite performance improvement for both models. Until next time – keep Clicking away as we get warmer days! ROGER MACHIN Product Manager PVDVC Products Canon SA DEAR ALL,