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2 EDITOR’S NOTE Thank you for your continued support and interest in this magazine – we will keep it going as long as you guys keep downloading it and sharing it. It's certainly a labour of love for us and a unique way of communicating with you about new products and trends in the photography industry. We also get to have a look into the lives and work of some local photographers and students. This gives us valuable insight into what you are shooting and why. I certainly hope that these features are of inspiration to you – I always find something valuable when I read about these individuals and their work. I must also admit the local town feature has me aching to travel again. This lockdown situation has been very tough on a lot of industries, but travel and tourism has to be one of the greatest I think. The knock-on effect of travel limitations for all surrounding industries is also massive – most notably photographers. Our hearts go out to those of you sitting with cameras desperately waiting for it to be safe enough to go out and work again. All I know is that this is a huge opportunity to upskill and learn new tricks, techniques and processes to add to your work in the upcoming months as the lockdown starts to gradually open up. Be ready to come out of this swinging with new ideas and skills to help you on the path to recovery. On the product front, the first batches of EOS R5 cameras sold out within days of hitting the shelves at the end of July. I extend my gratitude to those of you who made a purchase in this difficult time and I wish you many years of amazing images with your new cameras. Also hitting the shelves are the new RF 600mm and RF 800mm lenses. These are spectacular for wildlife and bird photography in particular, and you will see us increasing our exposure in those genres in the coming months. I have become a very avid birder over the last year and the lockdown gave me lots of opportunities to shoot the birds in my garden – constantly honing skills and improving techniques to get better images. I was pleasantly surprised at how cheap bird seed is to entice the little creatures into your garden and allow you some degree of control over the positioning and backgrounds you are shooting. An unexpected bonus in a genre of uncontrollable subjects! Anyway – until the next issue – please stay safe , stay healthy and shoot responsibly. ROGER MACHIN Product Manager PVDVC Products Canon SA DEAR ALL,