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2 EDITOR’S NOTE This issue comes hot on the heels of Canon’s biggest new product announcement in ages. To say that we’ve been waiting for this day with excitement for a very long time is an understatement. Canon has finally launched not one, but two highly advanced full frame mirrorless cameras to add to the already-popular EOS R line up. The EOS R5 flagship is completely deserving of the famous “5” series numeral, as it launches with incredible specification aimed at the hybrid shooter or at the photographer looking to future-proof his arsenal. Every one of the key specifications is better than most of us could believe was possible. This camera is probably the most versatile I have ever used – equally capable in high resolution, high speed, high Iso and high-quality video – a combination of features that was impossible a few years ago. Coupled with this, is the most advanced auto focus system we have ever made for a mirrorless camera – offering amazing possibilities for photographers worldwide – but almost aimed specifically at SA users demanding features beneficial to wildlife, bird and sport genres – all proving to be the most popular in SA. The other camera announced came as quite a surprise. The EOS R6 is ideal for the South African market. In a more cost- effective package than the R5, the R6 will most certainly appeal to the wildlife, bird and sport photographers in our country. The speed and quality of this camera, combined with the incredible animal and bird eye-tracking autofocus system, is perfectly suited to our most popular shooting genres. We see this as an ideal upgrade for photographers using the EOS 7D Mk 2, as it is now the perfect time to move away from DSLR to go to mirrorless, as well as going from crop sensor to full frame. The full frame sensor gives amazing benefits in High ISO environments and, combined with the radical new autofocus system and 20 pictures a second, this is the one that our market is going to love. In addition to these two amazing cameras, Canon also announced three epic lenses that will be amazing in our country. Firstly, the 100 – 500mm L IS zoom lens will become the standard go-to lens for wildlife photographers using the R6. The combination of size, L-series quality and focal length make it the ideal replacement for the legendary EF100-400mm lens. The new super compact 600 mm and 800 mm f11 lenses will appeal to a wide range of photographers looking for quality telephoto lenses in very compact sizes. They both feature a fixed F-11 aperture and incredible quality for their low-price points. The size and weight of these lenses are set to be the biggest appeal for hikers and birders alike. There are also 2 new RF lens converters, an 85mm low cost prime lens and a stunning new photo printer – but more on those in the next issue. All of these items will be hitting our shores in the next few months and I urge you to have a close look at them as soon as they are in stores – something a bit more exciting for the end of the year. Until next time – keep clicking away BUT stay safe, stay well and stay warm! ROGER MACHIN Product Manager PVDVC Products Canon SA DEAR ALL,