Click 109

2 This issue finds us almost halfway through one of the strangest years ever experienced in this world. I don’t think anyone could have predicted what would happen or how we would possibly respond. It has been simultaneously amazing and scary to experience. I must admit, I have become quite comfortable with working from home – now only needing to be at the office one day a week or so to either collect items or send packages etc. Pretty much everything else I am doing is all home-based. I think that some big corporations will start to re-look at office space requirements in the near-future and start adjusting for this “new normal”. I know it seems trite, but it certainly appears that nothing will ever be the same again. It looks like the process of this lockdown may take longer than expected, and we are certainly looking at changing how we do things. In the past, we really enjoyed having massive auditoriums filled with hundreds of like-minded photographers joining us for shows and events. Moving forward, we are looking into the idea of MUCH smaller hands-on demo workshops with one-on-one discussions between you guys and our local industry experts. We would like to host these in locations where it would be possible to “touch-and-try” with the latest cameras and lenses etc. This would mean that we can adhere to social distancing by managing smaller groups of people on a regular basis, while letting you all have the chance to try out our new kit. This is going to be especially important for those of you who are keen to move to mirrorless but are intimidated by the technology. Please make sure you keep an eye on these magazines as well as your mailboxes if you are on any of our databases – we’ll send info as soon as possible. For the moment, things are still very quiet on the new product front, but as retail stores open in June, it may well be that photographers can start getting some work sent their way. I certainly hope that this happens sooner rather than later. I also think that shopping may well change in a big way for the majority of day-to-day needs, but somehow specialised products like cameras and printers will still need an in-store demo and experience, so I don’t expect many changes on that front. For now – please keep staying safe, stay home when you can and keep those photo- and video-muscles working. ROGER MACHIN Product Manager PVDVC Products Canon SA DEAR ALL,