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WEBLINKS 51 LOCKDOWN PHOTOGRAPHY LESSONS Socialise, upskill and grow while you have the time! Join the Hunters of Lights at: 9 BASIC PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS This article is for those who just want to understand some important fundamentals about photography, what it is and how it's all put together. TOP 10 TIPS TO MASTER The following 10 tips are some of the cornerstones of great photography. photography-tips-you-need-to-master 5 AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS TO TRANSFORM YOUR PICTURES Here are 5 creative photoshoot tricks with easy to find affordable items that any photographer can use! CANON SOCIAL MEDIA @CanonSouthAfrica @CanonRSA @CanonRSA SOCIAL MEDIA Get great photography tips, take part in our weekly themes, submit your images and give us your opinion in our polls!