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2 This is the second issue of this magazine to come to you under the current lockdown situation. As things are slowly starting to open up, we are seeing some huge changes in the world we live in. As much as I hate buzzwords – the latest trend of labelling things as “the new normal” is quite pertinent. Working from home always seemed to be quite daunting in the past – wondering if your boss would call every five minutes to see if you were at your desk; over-compensating by sending countless mails and messages etc. I have managed to settle into a new routine – being able to do almost everything from home. I must admit that I do miss doing events and the personal conversations with photographers and end users. I do feel that there is a little disconnect with doing things over the internet or on a phone call, but like most other things these days – it is something we will all get used to. On the new product front – we announced the new cinematic master camera in the latest Mk3 version of the ever-popular C300 camera. The C300 has been an absolute favourite in rental companies and production facilities, doing mainly documentary work. The relatively small form factor, combined with the incredible image quality and the versatile EF lens mount, makes this one of our most heavily-used cinema cameras. The new Mk3 adds some much-wanted upgrades and takes the camera to another level entirely, while still keeping the small form factor desired by documentary filmmakers. We also added some more specifications to the growing list of details surrounding the upcoming EOS R5 camera. Unfortunately, the exact dates of shipping and release for this highly-anticipated camera are still not finalised due to the current global uncertainty. Suffice it to say, the publicity surrounding this camera is already huge – all I can add to this is that I have been fortunate to have had a pre-production sample unit to test for the last few weeks and it has exceeded my expectations in every respect. I cannot wait to get these into the hands of as many photographers as possible – as soon as possible. For now, we will all have to wait this out – stay home, stay safe, and above all, keep honing your skills and learning as much as possible in this time to be ready when things open up again. ROGER MACHIN Product Manager PVDVC Products Canon SA DEAR ALL,