Click 107

2 Photograph by Eyasu Etsub Getu This issue of Click Mag comes to you in the strangest of situations. None of us has ever experienced anything remotely like this before. Working from home is something we all thought might be a nice change from time to time, but a full-time thing is another matter entirely. The added dimension of not being able to leave the house or property on top of that is totally unusual. This is a very serious situation globally and we are very fortunate to have a president and government that have taken decisive and swift actions to protect our populace. The impact this is having on a lot of working professionals is quite immense though. Photographers, videographers and other creatives are in the worst positions ever – struggling to come to terms with work drying up and in some situations disappearing altogether. I hope that most of you have some contingency plans right now to try and generate some income to survive this. Most photographers I know are taking the time to upskill themselves. I cannot agree with this more – now is the perfect time for you to watch that tutorial, learn or practice that new technique, try your hand at something different, or even brush up your portfolio and go through your image archives. More and more companies will be needing images without direct contact so stock libraries will be in much higher demand than ever before. Think of the pics that the world will want right now and start making that happen. Obviously, the “working-from-home” pictures will be in high demand, but thinking outside the box might serve you well right now. From our perspective, we have either cancelled or postponed any planned events and launches and we’re working hard on providing information, photo challenges and hints/tips for photographers and videographers at home right now. From the Click team – all I can wish for you is to stay home, stay safe, stay motivated, keep imagining, keep learning and keep being careful when you do go out. This will pass and the world will come back to a new normal – ready for you with new ideas and new skills to offer. ROGER MACHIN Product Manager PVDVC Products Canon SA DEAR ALL,