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2 Photograph by Kim Stevens DEAR ALL, Firstly, allow me to wish you all a very happy, prosperous and safe 2020! This is the first issue for the new year/decade and the featured product for this issue is the recently announced EOS 1DX MkIII. We are extremely excited about this camera as it is set to break all the records we’ve ever had in-camera speed and performance. Look out for some opinion pieces in future issues of this magazine as we get it into the hands of as many local photographers as possible to try it out in various environments. This will indeed be a very interesting year as Canon will start investigating more interesting ideas and products – the CR-S700 on page 11 of this issue is a prime example of a new direction in camera accessories. This robotic arm camera controller will be showcased later this year at the Summer Olympics in Japan so we are quite eager to see how well it performs in a very competitive arena. There have been some other discussions online about Canon stopping the EF line of lenses – please understand that this is not true. Canon will continue to manufacture the current line-up of EF lenses for the foreseeable future, but most of the R&D money for new designs will be invested in the RF mount. As Canon has been making EF lenses for over 30 years, they have pretty much fills most of the possible demands that photographers might have. The RF mount opens up new directions in lens design and the possibilities are so much wider for creative expression. Look out for some very interesting announcements this year in future issues. Until next time – keep Clicking away! ROGER MACHIN Product Manager PVDVC Products Canon SA NOTE Editors