Click 101

2 Photograph by Johan Evert DEAR ALL, Wow – how do you follow the 100th issue of a magazine?! I was overwhelmed by the great response we had to the last issue we sent out – quite the achievement for an online publication in SA. This issue comes to you just as the latest announcement cameras hit the store shelves. We announced our latest addition to the DSLR family at the end of August 2019 and we are quite excited to see what the SA market thinks about the new EOS 90D. Canon has indicated a continued investment in DSLR products as the market for these products is still quite strong – especially in South Africa as sport, wildlife and bird photographers still prefer the optical viewfinder on traditional DSLR’s. The EOS 90D will be a fantastic upgrade for anyone who wants to take their photography and video to the next level – or even for pro photographers who want a versatile, lightweight camera to add to an existing setup. The 30-million-pixel sensor on the EFS10-18mm lens will be great for landscape photographers, the 4K uncropped video with the standard kit lens EFS 18-135mm IS lens (especially with the power zoom adapter) will appeal to vloggers and YouTubers alike. The crop sensor with high ISO performance when linked to a 70-300mm zoom lens will be great for most wildlife – and when linked to the awesome 100-400mm IS lens should deliver some amazing results for birders. Canon has also announced an almost identical camera in a mirrorless body in the EOS M6 MkII – an incredible addition to the EOS M line-up and further indication that Canon will continue to invest in various camera sectors. Canon is at the time of publication, the only major camera brand still manufacturing full-frame DSLR, crop sensor DSLR, full-frame mirrorless and crop sensor mirrorless cameras. Check out the amazing specs on this little beauty further in the magazine. One final note about the firmware updates for EOS R and RP cameras announced at the end of September – if you have one of these cameras, please go and install them ASAP – the difference in autofocus performance is substantial and can only be seen to be believed. Until next issue – keep Clicking away! ROGER MACHIN Product Manager PVDVC Products Canon SA NOTE Editors