Click 96

EDITOR’S NOTE 2 DEAR ALL, Our focus this month is on aviation photography as it is a genre I love and we have met hundreds of people who also enjoy it in a big way. We regularly attend the big air shows at Waterkloof, Swartkops, Stellenbosch etc. Even smaller towns like Nelspruit and Vryheid are starting their own events as they have proven to be very popular in the general public. The big shows have attendance in the thousands and it is quite impressive to see how many people bring out their tripods, big lenses and binoculars for the day. We always spend time with the pro photographers and accredited media at these shows and get some very useful advice as well as tips and tricks that we can share with others. This issue of Click features some great advice for beginners as well as advanced users doing aviation photography for the first time. I must admit that doing a lot of aviation photography my entire career has given me a lot of joy and frustration in equal measures, but I won’t stop trying to improve my results every time I go out. I also find that shooting aeroplanes successfully has given me some useful skills shooting a variety of other action sports - not to mention bird photography as well. Things are a little quiet on the new product front right now, but expect some interesting new video products in the next issue as we get closer to the big pro video show in the USA. We are seeing a lot of the new EOS RP cameras in the hands of travel photogs/bloggers at the moment and we are loving the content they are creating right now – especially with the little RF35mm f1.8 lens. This is very encouraging as it is almost the perfect market for that little camera. If you are looking for a small, light and cheap full frame mirrorless camera for travel – it certainly seems that the EOS RP is the camera of choice right now. Until next time – look to the skies and keep Clicking away! Roger Machin Product Manager PVDVC Products Canon SA