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EDITOR’S NOTE 2 DEAR ALL, Well 2019 had a slow start, but things have been speeding up and all of a sudden we’re in February. On the product front, Canon was relatively quiet in the European and African markets but some interesting new products were shown at the consumer show in the USA. It is not clear at this stage whether we will see these products in our markets later this year, but I am hoping to see the underwater video camera. I was lucky enough to be away early in Jan at the coast, so I managed to get some travel shots. I spent a lot of time with the EOS R over the holidays and I am starting to realise what Canon had in mind when crafting this camera. From what I can tell, Canon launched a new lens range designed for full-frame cameras and the new EOS R was meant to serve as a starting point to see how unbelievable the new range of lenses actually is. Obviously, the two fast lenses (RF50mmf1.2L and RF28-70 F2 L) are going to be really good indeed, but they both exceeded our expectations. It was particularly encouraging to see that many of the online opinions were the same. Even the two lower level lenses (RF24-105 f4 and RF35mm f1.8 Macro) received good press. I have spent a lot of time with the RF35mm f1.8 and I have to admit that it is quite simply one of the best prime lenses that I have ever used and will be a firm favourite as a travel lens with the EOS R in the future. One thing I will say is that there is no time like the present to get out and shoot. The big blue skies with scattered clouds and the recent rain that has turned the landscape into a myriad of colours is definitely worth shooting. Get a polariser on your wide-angle lens and take a drive out of town. Until next time, keep Clicking away! Roger Machin Product Manager PVDVC Products Canon SA