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PRACTICE, PRACTICE AND BE PATIENT! 38 – Nomads Nature and Travel Photography THE PERSONALITY We are a husband and wife team capturing the beauty of South African nature and reviewing the hospitality industry. Growing up, we both went on holiday with our parents quite frequently. We travelled all over South Africa and were privileged to visit most of the main attractions of this beautiful country at a young age. In a way, this instilled in us the urge to travel and explore and experience the beauty of the natural world. As a couple, we had the privilege to visit Fernwood Lodge resort in 2006 when friends could not do so and that reignited the interest to photographically capture our beautiful country and also preserve our memories. Work and personal commitments, however, prohibited us from travelling as often as we wanted to, and holidays were mainly spent with kids and family, but now that all the young ones have flown the nest, we can pursue our dream of travelling and capturing the wonders in the world out there.