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EDITOR’S NOTE 2 DEAR ALL, Apologies for the slight delay in this issue – things have been a little crazy in November with almost 2 trips out of office – each spanning over a week. This will be our final issue for the year and comes at just the right time for a well-earned break. It has been a very interesting year with the most noticeable event being Canon’s jump into the full-frame mirrorless market. The EOS R was launched with a mixed bag of reactions from all ends of the spectrum. From my personal side – I think that way too many people spent way too much time analysing the specs on the camera and wins/shortfalls versus competitor products. The main thing that was missed by so many people was that Canon launched a brand-new lens mount and lens system. The lenses were meant to be the main focus with the body just being a means-to-an-end right now as a way to see what the new lens tech could offer. The new RF mount lenses allow our engineers a lot more freedom to push the boundaries of optical excellence, as the shorter flange back the mirrorless SLR’s have, is a lot easier to work with in producing lenses with performance that outclasses anything made for DSLR use. This has allowed the creation of the incredible RF28-70mm f2 L lens with optical performance beyond any zoom lens I have ever used. I simply cannot wait to see where Canon will go with this in the coming years – exciting times indeed. I recently did a very interesting photo walk with some pro photographers around the streets of Maputo – challenging them to a whole series of tasks. I must admit, being a tourist in their hometown, allowed me the chance to show them their city as I saw it – and simultaneously motivate them to look around them with fresh eyes and perspectives. I challenge all of you to try to do the same in your hometown – it can be very rewarding. Also making these guys only shoot at a single focal length without zooming and forcing them into only shooting black and white, opened their eyes immensely. Again – I recommend that you guys try the same – choose a focal length and a style and go see how well you can do. You will be pleasantly surprised at how well you can exercise photographic muscles. All that remains for me to say is thank you for your ongoing support for Canon, have a peaceful and happy festive season and stay safe on the roads please – go slow, stop regularly and shoot more. Until next year – keep Clicking away! Roger Machin Product Manager PVDVC Products Canon SA