Click 86

EDITOR’S NOTE This issue of Click magazine comes to you hot on the heels of the first two Roadshows for 2018. The weather certainly cooled down quickly, but we had a very warm welcome in Durban for our first event on 12 May. We had a great crowd come and listen to our two amazing ambassadors talk about their photography. From the comments we have since seen on social media and in person – this was one of our best Roadshows ever. I must admit that the cool photographer’s jackets that we handed out at the start of the show put a lot of people in a great mood immediately. The Johannesburg show on 19 May was also very well attended – one of our biggest crowds ever. We were blown away again by the great presentations by Kim Ludbrook and Katya Mukhina. The portrait photo competition also went very well with a lot of very high-quality entries received. The prize winners were also very grateful and surprised to receive their prizes on site on the day as well – a big congratulations to all of those finalists and winners. We obviously can’t wait for the final leg of the Roadshow in Cape Town a little later this year – it will certainly be a highlight on the photographic calendar. I’ve been spending quite a lot of time over the last few months practicing my bird photography with some early morning trips out to Marievale bird sanctuary – you might have seen some of the samples of my work in recent episodes of Lensday Wednesday on the Click Video Mag YouTube channel. It is a very challenging type of photography and it has certainly improved some of my panning skills and long lens hand-holding capabilities. I would suggest having a go at it if you have a lens at least 300mm long – even if you haven’t tried before – it can be very frustrating and rewarding in equal measures. One thing I did notice in the last two weeks though, is that there are a LOT less vehicles in the chilly early mornings than a few months back when it was much warmer. My only advice to you is quite simple – just because it’s getting colder outside, it’s no excuse not to go out shooting. The big clear blue winter skies, especially up on the highveld, are just begging to be shot – and if you have a polarizing filter – just see what that can do. Until we see you at the Roadshow – keep Clicking away! Roger Machin Product Manager PVDVC Products Canon SA 2 DEAR ALL,