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EDITOR’S NOTE DEAR ALL, February and March have both proven to be quite busy for me this year. Following the new product announcements at the end of Feb, I dashed off to Mauritius to do a two-day set of workshops, together with Quintin Mills, for a group of fashion/wedding/portrait photographers based in Port Louis. I had no idea that the pro photo market there was so big - and growing daily. So, it was very pleasant to have well- attended workshops with extremely eager photographers. As usual with trips like this, I get the usual – “so you’re off to Mauritius on a business trip – yeah right!” kind of response from everyone around me – but suffice it to say that standing and presenting in tropical heat is unpleasant - to say the least. Even worse, the sight of heavenly beaches and tropical paradise images outside the window while you’re stuck inside teaching – it’s a special kind of torture! On the plus side, we did get to do a bit of street photography in Port Louis – I opted to go with a single prime lens as a challenge to myself - and found myself hopelessly in love with the EF 50mm f1.2L lens. I normally don’t like a standard focal length, usually opting for either a wide 24mm or a longer more candid 85mm focal length, so I was really tasked with thinking a bit outside of the box. This is an idea I spoke about a while ago – aimed specifically at enthusiast photographers who feel they are stuck in a rut with their photos. Take a lens out of your bag at random – if it is a zoom, tape it down at a random focal length and go shoot anything, anywhere. My mentality was to get away from shooting the 50mm at f1.2 – almost an automatic move when shooting with such a bright lens. I must admit, it was a lot of fun and very challenging – but I was happy with the results. Less than a week after getting back from Mauritius, I was off to Cape Town to do pro service at the HUGE Cape Cycle Tour. That was a major learning curve – I had no idea that over 35 000 cyclists descended on the city for a one- day, monster race of 109km. We were set up at the finish line in the media precinct, helping official photographers with free camera and sensor cleaning as well as some loan equipment. This was the first of three sport projects for 2018 – next will be the Comrades in June and then the Nedbank Golf at Sun City in November. Despite a VERY long day (we had to be at the media centre at 3.30am) – we had a really good response and we got to try our hand at shooting cycling for a change. Yet another thing I’d never shot before and found to be very challenging indeed. Speaking to some of the photographers covering the event, I was surprised to learn that some of them would fire off over 10 000 images in ONE day. I can just imagine the amount of time needed to edit THAT quantity. Anyway – that’s enough for this issue – look out for our article on the EXCITING photo competition we are launching, as well as some HUGE news about this year’s Roadshow. Until next time – keep Clicking away. Roger Machin Product Manager PVDVC Products Canon SA 2