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EDITOR’S NOTE DEAR ALL, As we get to the close of the year, there is a bit of frantic shopping going on in the photo industry. We had a very good response from our Roadshow shop specials – thank you to all of you who took advantage of that. Not to be outdone, our pro dealers all went pretty crazy at the end of November with the Black Friday specials on the 24th. I was in Cape Town on the day and all the stores I went into were exceptionally busy – a lot of them filling boxes from their online orders. It certainly looks like the smart consumers didn’t want to stand in queues on the day – but preferred to make their purchases on the online stores - those whose websites survived the extra traffic! It’s good to see a bit of excitement in the stores as most retail outlets have had a very tough year. The current exchange rate issues are not going to help matters going forward though, so I would advise purchasing earlier rather than later until there is a bit more stability in the market. There is no news on the product front right now as we reach the end of the year, but 2018 should start with some news - I hope. We are just about to depart on our final Roadshow trip for the year to the Eastern Cape, and then settle down to end the year and close the office for a change. We have some very exciting new plans and projects for 2018 - so I hope that you’ll keep following us in this mag, on our YouTube channel (Click Video Mag) and on our social media pages for more information as we go into the new year. Until then – I wish you a quiet, peaceful and safe festive season - and a fervent wish that you find that Santa has dropped some Canon goodies under the tree with your name on them! Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel, Click Video Magazine, to get regular updates from us. Keep Clicking away. Roger Machin Product Manager PVDVC Products Canon SA 1