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This issue comes to you as the cold weather

really starts to hit us up here on the Highveld.

Big blue cloudless skies are pretty much on

the cards for the next few weeks so the time

is right to wrap up a bit and get out there

and explore photo opportunities with this

interesting harsh light. Although I’m not a

fan of the cold, I do enjoy stark, contrasted

images of wintery landscapes.

Things have been a little interesting on

the new product side, with two recent

announcements. Firstly, the new EF-S35mm

f2.8 macro lens with built-in close-up light

is a great compact lens ideal for beginners

interested in macro photography. It is an all-

in-one package that will suit anyone keen on

close-up photography. The f2.8 aperture will

ensure clean soft backgrounds as well if you

decide to try this lens out as a portrait lens.

Our second big announcement arrived right

at the end of May with the new EOS Cinema

C200 camera. This is an incredible machine

that fits perfectly between the current

C100 Mark II and C300 Mark II models. It

features 4K Raw in a new format on-camera

as well as Full high definition at high frame

rates in a compact package that will appeal

to a wide range of videographers.

It confirms that Canon is committed to

growing product offerings for the video

market that seems to be expanding all the

time. We will be showing this camera as

well as few other models for the first time

at the Mediatech show in July on the Canon

stand. If you are interested in professional

videography, I would recommend that you

check it out



Until next time – keep warm and

keep clicking!

Roger Machin

Product Manager PVDVC

Products Canon SA