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Dear all,

We are just about to head out for our

final roadshow for this half of 2017. The

Johannesburg and Durban shows went off

well despite venue and last minute speaker

changes. As you can imagine, it is often our

biggest problem to get speakers available for

all three weekends and we are grateful to the

guys who are willing to jump in and replace

them at short notice. Clinton Lubbe and

Anesh Debiky both jumped in at last minute

and saved our shows.

We’ve had another announcement in the

interim as well. The new EF-S 35mm f2.8 IS

STM Macro lens is a great addition to the lens

lineup and it is the first in the EF-S range to

offer a built-in Macro light. We first saw this

feature on the EF-M 28mm macro lens and it

proved to be a very useful option for lighting

subjects that are very close to the lens. This

makes for a very attractive option for the

first-time Macro lens purchaser as the built-in

light allows so much creativity, immediately.

Hopefully these will be on the market soon

and at an attractive price to entice some new

close-up photographers. The interest from

bloggers who specialise in food and travel

has most certainly been piqued – especially

as this lens comes in a very small package.

There have also been a few small firmware

announcements recently. If you’re not sure

about your camera’s firmware – please check

out this page

( firmware-update-download-for-canon-eos/


with some handy tips and advice about

how to do it yourself and what the process

involves. It is worth your time to keep your

camera updated, but if you are nervous about

doing it yourself – please drop your camera

off at your nearest Cameratek branch and

they’ll do it while you wait!

Until next time, keep Clicking away.



Roger Machin

Product Manager PVDVC

Products Canon SA