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Take a bite out of Hollywood

You can capture an exceptional level of detail

and smooth motion in movies as well as stills,

catching fast moving subjects in Full HD 60p

and HDR Movie Shooting. Whether it’s safari,

sport or sunny scenes on the beach, Dual

Pixel CMOS AF tracks subjects as they move,

focusing smoothly for professional-looking

results. For shooting movies on the go 5-axis

digital image stabiliser irons out camera

movements when shooting hand-held movies.

To help make the camera your own, the

EOS 77D is offers full control, with dual control

wheels to adjust settings like aperture and

shutter speed, and top panel LCD to help

you see every setting. For less seasoned

photographers, the EOS 800D’s guided

interface teaches you how camera settings

work as you shoot, transforming your

photography and helping you grow in skill.

Shoot, connect, share

NFC and Wi-Fi lets you simply share images

and movies to compatible smart devices

or a Canon Connect Station before editing

and sharing with the world. For a constant

connection, Bluetooth® lets you turn on and

browse photos without having to take the

camera from your bag, or operate it remotely

via a smart device or the new Remote

Controller BR-E1.