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Quality, detail and speed

With the same sensor technology found

in the iconic EOS 80D and Canon’s latest

processor – DIGIC 7 – both cameras capture

scenes in impressive quality, with richer detail,

while being fast enough to ensure a crystal

clear image. Boasting the world’s fastest auto

focus using Live View mode at an astonishing

0.03 seconds, the cameras deliver pin-sharp

precision, and with the ability to shoot at six

frames a second fast moving subjects are

captured with ease.

For low light shots from sunrise to sunset,

the cameras let you shoot up to ISO 25,600

– extendable to 51,200 – and capture every

scene without struggle. For some shots, detail

is everything, and with 45 cross-type AF

points the cameras focus quickly, track moving

objects accurately, and capturing razor sharp

images. Both cameras also include

7560-pixel RGB+IR metering to detect fine

details such as skin tone and offer

accurate exposure.