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Page Background

How has your background or

history influenced you as a


My background is in film photography which I studied

in Portland, Oregon USA (20 years ago), alongside my

Public Relations and Communications Program.

I always offered my PR clients photographic services

as a value-add to my business, which I had for 9 years

before getting married and having kids. It’s only after

the loss of my first baby during pregnancy (at 18

weeks) and the arrival of my precious son, who is now

two, that I made the leap and started photographing

pregnant bellies and beautiful babies. It has been so

rewarding and healing for me on a personal level. I

understand first hand, the value of an image and feel

blessed to be able to create beautiful photographs and

artwork for my clients everyday.

Which photographers

influenced you, and how did

they influence your thinking,

photography, and career path?

There are many incredible new-born photographers

around the world who have helped shape and evolve

my creative style and business model. These include

the likes of Ana Brandt, Stephanie Lemmens, Amy

McDaniel, Sue Bryce and Kath V. Each of them have

inspired me in different ways and taught me to be

confident in the work I create, and to continually grow

and try new things – from experimenting with light, to

editing techniques and with the ideas and inspiration in

my own head and heart… to sometimes break the rules.

Social media makes the world such a small place today,

giving us constant access to the many online courses

and workshops available to us. I believe in investing

time and money into education, which enables us all

to grow every day. I dream is to one day inspire other

photographers just as much!

When have you been most

satisfied in your life?

Now. I am privileged to be a mom and wife, who

is encouraged to express my creative side. My

photography journey allows me to explore life, create

magic and have a positive impact on people’s lives

which is hugely rewarding.