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What defines you as

a photographer?

I like to connect with each of my subjects, so I tend to

focus on eye contact or facial expressions most. I am

a natural light photographer, specialising in maternity,

birth, newborn and family photography. Capturing my

subjects expression, whether it’s a sparkle in their eye,

a tear, a laugh from the belly or just a magic moment

in time, is what really moves people when they see the

images that I have created.

What kind of feelings do you

try create in your imagery?

I always try and capture a special moment, glance or

expression that draws emotion. I want each image to

take my client back to that exact moment in time. I

want to remind them how they felt in that moment.

How would you describe

your particular style of


My style is very clean and simple. I love creating fresh

and colourful pictures that portray real life. I also like to

maintain sharp focal points in each of my images.

I enjoy capturing both studio and lifestyle images.