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What would you say really

makes a maternity shoot


The light. I love showcasing the natural beauty of a

pregnant women. Most women tend to feel a bit drab

and tired towards the end of pregnancy, so I always try

to work with the best possible light, which allows me

to highlight the curves and illustrate just how amazing

they look to the world.

How do you get the person

or baby that is in front of the

camera onto the film, chip

or paper in just the way you


By just being myself, and letting them be themselves.

For many people, being in front of a camera can feel

really intimidating. Even babies can feel the nerves

in the room. If the parents are relaxed then both

baby and children tend to be relaxed. With new-born

photography, I like to take my clients through basic

posing safety as we go and with older children I tend

to kick into mom-mode. That way it’s easy to make

them laugh and smile and capture those candid

moments that reflect their true personalities.

What do you feel might be

the most difficult thing about


Photography, like art, is subjective. So, I think

it’s important to stay true to who you are as a

photographer and artist and not be swayed by popular

belief. I think if you produce work that captures your

client’s emotions and special moments, as well as

reflects your style consistently, then your business will

succeed. Managing editing time is what I find most

difficult and I think it’s so important to maintain a

balanced work vs. family life, in order to avoid burnout.

With freedom, comes expression.