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Dear all,

This will be the final issue of Click magazine for 2016.

As usual, this is the time of year where we reflect

on the year that has passed. 2016 was a tough

year for most manufacturers in the photographic

industry with all major companies showing a decline

in camera shipments out of the factories in Japan.

Most companies have been forced to diversify their

product offerings by adding drones, VR headsets,

action cameras or even lenses for mobile phones. It

certainly looks like photography is most certainly not

dead, but evolving into something a little different.

Canon has had an exciting year with some really

interesting new EOS cameras – the 1Dx Mark II, 80D

and 1300D in the early half of the year, and then the

5D Mark IV and EOS M5 in the second half. We also

hit the production milestone of 120 million EF lenses

– quite an astonishing number considering EF lenses

were launched in 1987 – only 29 years ago. We also

added a few new lenses along the way as well as

some video cameras. When you consider that 2017

will be the 30-year anniversary of the launch of EOS

– we can only hope it will be an equally exciting year

to come.

This year also saw the launch of our YouTube

video version of this magazine back in February. It

has continued to grow (we just recorded our 11th

episode due to go out just before XMAS) over the

year with the amount of views and subscribers

steadily increasing – this is very encouraging for us

and allows us to motivate for budget to continue

into the new year.

We had some great roadshows as well this year –

always a highlight on our calendar as we get to travel

around the country to your home towns and speak

to you face-to-face while showing you the latest

products. Please make sure that you are subscribed

to that database to ensure an invite to next year’s

events – first of which will be around April.

SO – until the new year arrives – all that is left for

me to do is wish you a fantastic festive season

and a peaceful safe new year. Keep those cameras

Clicking away and preserve all the memories around

this special time of year.

Until next time – keep “Click”ing away



Roger Machin

Product Manager PVDVC

Products Canon SA