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Pro Insights

– André Clements


What do you like to focus on in

your images?

I approach photography more as a painter than

as a technician. So, for me what comes first, is

the conceptual theme and intention of the piece,

as well as the series it is part of. That guides

or at least influences everything else. Next up,

composition; specifically geometries, and the

visual harmonies that I’m after. With a vague idea

of that I can actually start taking pictures and

processing. I like to try and focus on the relations

between all the different aspects of the

complete process.

What kind of feelings do you try create in

your imagery?

Lots! All feelings have their time and place. I want

the viewer to be spend some time with the piece

so I like to try and make pieces that are meaningful

without succumbing to the temptation of being

didactic. I suppose that moves one into the realms

of contemplative or meditative feelings.