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its 60th year of selfless acts in this country. We urge

individuals and companies to join our #selfieless

movement and help improve the quality of life for

an animal this festive season,” says Dana Eitzen,

Corporate & Marketing Communications Executive

at Canon SA.

In a world where people snap an average of 93

million selfies a day*, the #selfieless movement is all

about encouraging the spirit of selflessness over the

festive season, a time when everyone should make

an effort to do something for the good of others.

To get involved, choose an act of kindness towards

our furry friends, take a photo, post it on social

media using #selfieless and nominate your friends

to do the same.




Do something good.

Support animals in need.

Post your #selfieless pic..

Inspire the world with kindness.

Challenge your friends

Tag them and keep the cycle going.