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Canon SA introduces the #selfieless movement to

inspire South Africans to turn their selfie mode off

to capture a selfless moment this festive season

Canon SA is calling on South Africans to turn

their selfies away from themselves and instead,

shift the focus to animals as part of a social

movement which will see people across the

world posting an image of a selfless act

called #selfieless.

The worldwide movement will kick-start in

South Africa on 21 November 2016 with a

donation of R60 000 from Canon SA to the

Animal Anti Cruelty League. The organisation

has a long heritage of giving back through

selfless acts of care and kindness to animals.

Since 1956, the Animal Anti Cruelty league

has been protecting and caring for animals in

South Africa and is now the second biggest

independent animal welfare organisation in the

country. The organisation relies entirely upon

the generosity and goodwill of the animal-

loving public for financial and other support.

“Canon SA has enthusiastically embraced

Canon’s worldwide #selfieless movement.

Locally we’ve been supporting the Animal

Anti Cruelty League since 2004 and have

chosen the organisation as the recipient of

our #selfieless campaign. They work tirelessly

to rescue and care for neglected and abused

animals and without the support from the

community and caring corporates, the

organisation would not survive.

“Canon SA’s #selfieless act was to donate

R60 000 to the organisation which celebrates

Be #selfieless this festive

season with Canon