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Dear all,

We’ve just returned from the final leg of our

countrywide roadshows. Suffice it to say that

this particular group of presenters is going

to be very hard to best in future events.

The response we’ve had so far from visitors

to the shows has been very encouraging

indeed. I’m so glad to report that the calibre

of photographers in South Africa is easily as

high as any international standards and that

enthusiast or professional photography is far

from dying despite radical changes to the

photographic world.

We’re happy to report that our YouTube

version of this magazine is going well too. The

number of subscribers is increasing as well as

the views so we’re encouraged to continue

doing this. I hope it is of some use to you as

well – if you haven’t already seen it – check out

Click Video Mag in the search bar on


for a monthly programme that includes

interviews with local photographers and some

interesting product opinion pieces from local

and international guests. We’ve been travelling

recently so the last three episodes are all shot

on location – from Cologne in Germany to

Cape Town and Durban. We really enjoy doing

it and we’ll carry on as long as we can.

Until next time – keep Clicking away.

kind regards

Roger Machin

Product Manager PVDVC

Products Canon SA