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TheEOSM 03 09 PRO - INSIGHTS AndréClements BE#SELFIELESSTHISFESTIVESEASON #selfieless 05 IN-DEPTHWITH IRISTA AmberLeighDavies 29 PRO INSIGHTS NickolaBaldson 05 19 ASIMPLESOFTENINGTECHNIQUE AmberLeighDavies 03 ANEXCEPTIONALCAMERA CanonPowerShotD20 05 31 03 11 CanonlaunCheseF-s35mmF/2.8maCro IssTm for capturing crystal-clear close-up shots Pro-InsIGhTs IlanOssendryver sTuDenTunDerThesPoTlIGhT NompiloNdlovu CaPTureyouraDvenTureswIThCanon’sComPaCTsuPerzoomCamera thePowerShotSX730HS Coverphotoby – IlanOssendryver PRO INSIGHTS BiancaAsher 11 21 VALENTINE’SDAY2017 Je’annaClements 03 SLEEK,SLIMANDSTYLISH PowerShotG9XMark ll Photoby:AndrewAveley Canon introduCesupdatestotheConneCtstationCs100 for evenmoreopportunities to store and share 07 23 Quality iskingwithCanon’snewDslRsanDlens theEOS 77D and theEOS800D Canon’snewmirrorlessCamera theEOSM6 03 09 PRO-INSIGHTS NadavOssendryver Coverphotoby –NadavOssendryver Photoby:HeinrichHelmbold Photoby: JasonPaulHermann Photoby:MarindsTissink Photoby:GregoryHaralambous 1 Photoby:AndriesCombrink Photoby: JuliaTheunissen Photoby:AndreaCronje 1 Photoby:KellyAdams Photoby:LeeAnneRobertson Photoby:LizBharo Photoby:NeilVanSchalkwyk Photoby:Garreth-LeighLombard Photoby:LelanieNaude Photoby:NobbyClarke Photoby:BiancaWiesner Photoby: JanGeorge vanWyk Photoby:LibbyEdwards Photoby: JustindeReuck PRODUCTREVIEW XA10 and LEGRIAHFG10 TUTORIAL PhotographyBasics FEATUREDARTICLE PCS COVERSTORY EF 8-15mm f/4LFisheye USM zoom lens INTERVIEW Alan vanGysen FEATUREDARTICLE DigitalPhotoProfessional Software TUTORIAL PhotographyBasics COVERSTORY The 1st2011CanonEOS Roadshow isago! 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