Click 100

2 Photograph by Jade Holing – Page 28 DEAR ALL, This issue marks an enormous milestone for this magazine. The 100 th issue was something we could have never thought was possible in this industry in South Africa. As most printed magazines went out of print or changed to “digital-only” versions of their former selves, we set about making a magazine as simply as possible that covered a few things well. We have expanded some popular items over the years thanks to feedback from you and we have gradually increased the send out/download amount to over 11 000! This circulation and the amount of issues puts this humble little magazine in the top 5 photo publications in the SA photographic market in the last 20 years. I have to thank some amazing people for this achievement though. Firstly – Andrew Copeland at One Thread for constantly nagging me for features, ed’s letters and always searching for valuable things that you guys might want to read about. Secondly, the layout team at One Thread for making my job of proof-reading so easy (most of the time). Thirdly – the whole host of contributors over the years (most of whom are featured in this issue) – from those who have become good friends, to those I have never even met as well as those who have moved overseas – your valuable input and images have inspired the many thousands of readers over the years. We were even surprised by the response to our Click Video Mag version of this on YouTube. The views and subscribers are growing daily and the response we’ve had from all of the people we meet at shows and expos is amazing and very humbling indeed. I do hope we can continue to grow and provide some good content in easy-to-read/ watch versions for you to enjoy. A final huge thanks to you readers of this magazine – here’s to another 100 issues! ROGER MACHIN Product Manager PVDVC Products Canon SA NOTE Editors THE PROSPECT OF WHAT IMAGES ARE YET TO BE CAPTURED OR CREATED, EXCITES ME IMMENSELY.